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(CNN) — Seriously endowed, dirndl-straining blonde waitresses at risk of a major wardrobe malfunction ferry armloads of steins from table escort to table in a sloshy blur.
Manly, thigh-slapping hunks in clingy lederhosen, pound down torrents of weizen beer.
Teutonic endorphins are on parade.
This could only be summer in Bavaria.
Look at any beer ad or wander into any beer garden and youll realize that Bavarians absolutely revel in the traditional cliches about beer and go to great lengths to live up to them.
Then theres Sister Doris.
A quiet sensation hidden behind monastery walls, shes been turning water into beer at Mallersdorf, a 12th-century abbey in the Bavarian highlands, for more than 40 years.
Shes a certified master brewer.
Shes also a Franciscan nun.
The local beer culture notwithstanding, Sister Doris is living proof that women are destined for a higher calling than simply serving beer and starring in Germanys retrograde beer ads.
Germanys beer scene is seriously dude-centric.
And Bavarias is even more so.
The regional trade association doesnt have a single woman in its ranks.
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Ladies who lager
Only a small handful of women brew beer in Bavaria.
And the notion that women dont like beer still holds sway.

Beer-making flourished at Mallersdorf Abbey after it opened in the 12th century.

Which is why Sister Doris is so important.
Shes one of a tiny group of ladies who lager — female brewmasters who are charting their own course and debunking stereotypes about women and beer.
Like many monasteries back in the day, Mallersdorf Abbey became a magnet for pilgrims seeking blessings from saints relics on display in the abbey church.
With droves of visitors in need of sustenance and an iffy water supply from pathogen-laden streams and wells, beer was one of the few drinks that was safe in the Middle Ages.
This is why beer-making gradually became an important sideline at monasteries throughout Europe.
It flourished at Mallersdorf, as well, but was sidelined by the growth of secular breweries and not revived until 1881, when the current brew house was built.
What sets Mallersdorf apart from the handful of other surviving abbey breweries is that Sister Doris is the only remaining nun brewmaster — in all of Europe.
On brewing day, shes excused from morning prayers and makes her way to the abbey brew house by 3:30 a.m.
Depending on the season, she can be found crafting a copper-toned vollbier (lager), a dark zoigl, a contemplative doppelbock or spritzy maibock.
Its the stuff of gods.
She gives a thumbs down to Bavarias favorite weizen beer and doesnt bother to brew it.
In Bavaria, this borders on apostasy.
Sister Doris doesnt care — shes a woman of decided tastes and firm opinions.
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Womens work
Catholic nuns, by tradition, are destined for a life of prayer and service from the moment they enter the convent.
In what must be the most unusual career move ever made by a nun, when Sister Doris took the veil she became a brewmaster instead, succeeding the elderly Franciscan sister who had been operating the abbey brewery since the 1930s.
She looked me up and down like a farmer eyes an ox, Sister Doris tells a visitor about her selection process.
Sister Doris got the job.
Fresh out of training, master brewers certificate in hand, she took over the brewery in 1975.
Beer brewing is womens work, she says, adding that female brewers were common in the Middle Ages.
Shes proud that northern Bavaria has the largest number of female brewers in Germany.
Among them are Sigi and Barbara Friedmann and the Meinel sisters, who are rocking the Bavarian beer scene with a new line of craft brews.
As any lover of artisanal beer will point out, theres an inverse relationship between size and quality.
Stated simply: the bigger the brewery, the less interesting the beer.
Or to put it the other way around: the smaller the brewery and the closer the brewer is to the brewing process, the more flavorful the beer is likely to be.
Sister Doris proves this maxim.
Mallersdorf operates in splendid isolation, far from brewing hubs like Munich, Bamberg, Hamburg and Berlin.
Measured by volume, scale, efficiency, size of ad budget (zero) or any other metric, the abbey brewery is 100% old school.
Just how far under the radar it operates becomes clear when you realize that Sister Doris brews only 3,000 hectoliters (just under 80,000 gallons) a year.

Sister Doris (pictured) is one of only a handful of women working in the beer industry in Bavaria.

To say that this is infinitesimal by industry standards is an understatement.
Global giants Coors and Anheuser-Busch/InBev turn out the same amount of beer every eight minutes.
Theres a catch though.
Not only is Sister Doriss beer — luscious as it is — not exported. Its available only in the nooks and crannies of eastern Bavaria.
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Brand Doris
With an iconic brewmaster like Sister Doris and exceptional beers that are loaded with character, Mallersdorf could grow.
The Franciscans, however, are apparently not inclined to expand or leverage the beers local following into something bigger.
It seems they have no ambitions beyond selling their beer um den Kirchturm — around the proverbial church tower.
This means beer lovers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries experiencing the craft beer revolution wont be tasting Sister Doriss beer locally anytime soon.
Drinkers need to travel to Germany, but even then, they may not have an easy go of it.
The tourist infrastructure in the immediate area isnt well developed.
The brewery doesnt have a website or its own telephone number.
And, while pilgrimages to the abbey and Marian shrine in the nearby village of Haindling are encouraged, tours of the brewery arent offered.
Those who do make it to eastern Bavaria and Mallersdorf Abbey can sample Sister Doriss brews at the abbey tap (klosterbraustuberl), run by Renate und Heinz Bauer (Nardinistrasse 1, Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg; 49 772 915470).
The concept of marketing would likely fall under its own weight if anybody ever tried to interest the Franciscan sisters of Mallersdorf in it.
Sister Doris carries the brewery on the strength of her reputation, the fiercely loyal following she enjoys and the breakout quality of the beer she brews.
Mallersdorf Abbey has a brand and her name is Sister Doris.

Tom Conrad is a Philadelphia-based travel and taste writer.

Al-assads ankara bayan escort doesnt you which

London (CNN) — Foreign fighters inside Syria and Iraq have become a massive concern for authorities worldwide. Many are alarmed ankara bayan escort at the quick rise in the number of Westerners who have joined militant groups trying to establish an Islamic caliphate, with several investigations launched following the gruesome beheading of American journalist James Foley last week.
We have been tracking foreign fighters going into Syria for more than a year. During this time, we came across two young men willing to speak to us through Skype from inside the country, where they are helping battle President Bashar al-Assads forces. We first spoke to them couple of months ago and have been in touch since.
After much back and forth — and a lot of convincing — they agreed to an interview with us from northern Syria, using Skype in what looked like a hidden internet cafe. As expected, the connection was not great and it took several attempts to finally talk to them.
Despite having spoken to the pair before, it was not easy to identify which masked militant was which. As they sat down to begin the interview they were careful to adjust their scarves to cover most of their faces. An AK-47 was positioned deliberately and carefully between them. With unintended humour and in a serious fashion they reintroduced themselves by their jihadi aliases: Abu Bakr and Abu Anwar.

The search for James Foleys killer

Cyber footprints of Syrias jihadists

Why so many jihadists from UK?

Abu Bakr was open to talking with us and he gradually agreed to bring other fighters along for an on-camera interview, a process made tougher as both Bakr and Anwar change locations every couple of months.
Abu Bakr wouldnt tell us where he is from but Abu Anwar is British. Im from the south of England, he explained. I grew up in a middle-class family. Life was easy back home. I had a life. I had a car. But the thing is: you cannot practice Islam back home.
We see all around us evil. We see paedophiles. We see homosexuality. We see crime. We see rape. And we cant do anything about it because we are obeying [by] the laws of the kuffar.
Initially, both fighters came to Syria to join the rebel alliance against the regime of Bashar al Assad — but they now believe that establishing an Islamic caliphate is more important.
When we asked Abu Anwar what message he had for friends back home, it was a call to join the fight.
Leave the lands of infidelity and leave for the lands of Islam, he said. We have an Islamic state in Raqqa. Alhamdulillah [All praise and thanks to God] now in Iraq. And I ask all my Muslim friends to make hijrah [holy journey] to these Islamic states.
In all our conversations, both men proved unfailingly polite. They patiently answered our questions, determined for us to see their point of view: for them, America is an immoral country at war with Muslims
Our talk was dominated by discussions of what they see as American injustices, from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib. They also called for the release of Aafia Siddique, a female U.S. trained scientist convicted in 2010 of shooting at U.S. officers while in custody in Afghanistan. Abu Bakr became agitated as he mentioned he has heard word that there are other Muslim female prisoners, held in American custody, who are given the same treatment as men. Both Bakr and Anwar agreed that this was a complete injustice.
In our most recent interview we asked them about the videotaped killing of American journalist James Foley.
When the video was released we watched it in our base and one of the brothers downloaded it and my initial response was that this was a direct response to the crimes of the US against the Islamic State, said Abu Anwar.

I hope God gives me the chance to do what the brother did with James Foley
Abu Anwar

Abu Bakar added: We thought the Islamic state has no other choice really. The U.S. has the technology but it doesnt mean they can call any country and bomb anybody they want and not stop on anything. ISIS tried to negotiate for a Muslim prisoner, tried to negotiate with them for ransom but then they are too arrogant you see. We thought it was very justified and we thought what James Foley said himself… that his real killers were actually the U.S.
Their interpretation of Islam is radical and extreme: their sense of justice is medieval and they call the Muslim Council of Britain, the UKs largest Muslim organization, apostates. We asked them if they would consider carrying out an execution by beheading.
This is the Islamic way of execution and we will do only that which please Allah, replied Abu Anwar. It means cutting off the necks of the enemies of Islam then we are more than happy to do it. I would like to meet the Lord Allah and tell him what I did for his religion. I hope God gives me the chance to do what the brother did with James Foley. Whether its James Foley, or a soldier of America or Bashar Al Assad… my hands are ready to do this blessed act.
But when we asked why they continue to support ISIS — when even al Qaeda has condemned the groups brutality — they initially struggled to answer and their commitment wavered.
Its a tactical difference, explained Abu Bakr. Basically al Qaeda doesnt say they are very brutal. They have operational differences with them. And they disagree with them. But whatever is Islamically allowed, we do it. It doesnt matter which group it is and what it is called, ISIS or al Qaeda.
We had asked for more details; on the battles they fought, on where they are positioned. But the men were cautious not to give too much away. They have sent us pictures of their basic training in a militant camp: in one photo, Abu Bakr is positioned in a foxhole holding a Kalashnikov.
The only time they seemed to pause in their Islamist rhetoric was when discussing their families. When we first asked Abu Anwar what his mother would say, he was silent, refusing to talk about them.
Its clear that both expect to die in Syria, either in battle or in what they call a martyrdom mission, a suicide attack against enemy forces. Abu Anwar said that his family has given up hope of trying to bring him back.
No. They dont ask me to come back any more. Because they did at the beginning but they know now that I am not coming back. So, there is no point in wasting their breath. We pray a lot that Allah give you success and Allah accepts this jihad from you. They understand that I am not coming back and they know that they will not see me again in this life.
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Asking not escort founder community

San Francisco (CNN) — Wayne Sutton has been asking venture-capital investors and Silicon Valley executives a question thats not often escort broached here in the epicenter of the technology industry:
Why arent there more black people in tech?
The vast majority of top executives at the leading Silicon Valley tech firms are white men. Women and Asians have made some inroads, but African-American and Latino tech leaders remain a rarity. About 1% of entrepreneurs who received venture capital in the first half of last year are black, according to a study by research firm CB Insights.
This lack of diversity in Silicon Valley made headlines last month when influential tech blogger Michael Arrington, in an interview for CNNs upcoming documentary Black in America: The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley, said, I dont know a single black entrepreneur. Arrington later recanted the statement, saying he was caught off guard by the question, but the sensitive issue sparked a public dispute between the newly minted venture capitalist and CNNs Soledad OBrien.

NewMe co-founder Wayne Sutton, center, works on his laptop at a coffee shop with fellow entrepeneurs.

Its an issue that Sutton, who co-founded the NewMe Accelerator for under-represented minorities in the tech industry and is also building a software company, has been grappling with for months.
NewMe is an incubator program formed to help minorities launch Internet ventures. For two months last summer, Sutton and seven other black entrepreneurs worked together in a rented house in Mountain View, California, where they got advice from successful executives and pitched their startup ideas to investors.
The venture capitalists, including business-software designer Mitch Kapor, told them the struggles of blacks in the tech industry might be attributed to a concept called pattern matching, which is prevalent in venture-capital circles and yet alien to the rest of the business world.
Silicon Valley really likes to think of itself as a meritocracy, Kapor said. In fact, the general state of Silicon Valley is completely backwards, he said.
A true meritocracy?
Pattern matching comes from a computer-science exercise in which a system looks for common attributes within reams of data. Its companion is pattern recognition, a term that some investors use interchangeably but which describes a less precise method.
In the business of investing, pattern matching defines a technique for figuring out which human traits, corporate makeup and financial projections are the foundations for the next Facebook or other big Internet success. The criteria can include a founders track record, personality type and alma mater, which market the company is targeting and how its peers are performing, and how quickly the business is expected to grow and begin collecting revenue.
Commonly, these successful founders are white computer-science graduates of Stanford University or a similar elite school.
Many of the top venture-capital firms use some form of pattern matching, but no two use precisely the same data sets. The firms typically dont disclose what exactly goes into their formulas because they see their patterns as trade secrets.
But Suttons NewMe co-founder, Angela Benton, wonders whether pattern matching, which critics say favors the status quo over change, is a veiled form of racism.
I was offended by it, said Benton, who is also starting a company, in an interview with CNN. Im black. Im a woman. I have kids. I might as well go home.
People familiar with the pattern-matching process say race is not explicitly a factor, nor is gender.
Most VCs I know pride themselves on the idea that to be a good investor, you have to learn those skills, said Cindy Padnos, who founded a venture capital firm called Illuminate Ventures. Her company says in its creed, We dont rely on pattern recognition.

NewMe founders Angela Benton, left, and Wayne Sutton discuss their project.

I have no doubt that most of what we see happening in the high-tech community is completely unintentional bias, and yet, we all have to recognize (that) unintentional or not, we are all born with it, Padnos said. Undoubtedly, the unintentional bias comes into play when they look at the 15 (startups) they did (invest in) and the five that succeeded big-time, when the ones that succeeded were led by white males. That somehow seeps into the equation.
Race still a factor?
These methods dont necessarily explain why so few blacks, Latinos and women lead tech companies when compared to the number of white-male execs.
Padnos and her venture firm have researched and advocated for hiring and funding more tech companies led by women. She says she has strived to diversify her 40-person advisory committee and her relatively small investment portfolio, but neither has an African-American.
High-placed female execs like Googles Marissa Mayer and Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg have advocated on their own for women, and women continue to break into the top executive ranks. Their recent successes, and the rise of Chinese and Indian tech leaders, could provide a model for other minorities in the United States who are hitting roadblocks in their quests to start Internet companies, industry experts say.
But their hard-earned victories have not come easily.
We live in a society where race is still a factor, said Rey Ramsey, an African-American man who runs a political lobbying firm for the tech industry called TechNet. Referencing Facebooks famous young founder, he added, Were waiting for the black Zuckerberg.
A few standout black leaders have emerged in tech over the years, said Charles Moore, an African-American who founded Rocket Lawyer, a startup that offers online legal documents and advice. He cited Frank Greene, a pioneering semiconductor engineer turned venture capitalist who died in 2009, and Charles Phillips Jr., the former Oracle co-president, as inspirations.
Race has not really been a factor in a material way in my career, said Moore, whose company is backed by Google Ventures, the search giants venture capital arm. I think that Silicon Valley is a place where you can work hard and be smart and have some luck, which everybody needs. And if you have those things, you can succeed, regardless of your race or gender or other demographic profile.
Data-driven investing
Google Ventures has extolled the virtues of its data-driven approach to investing, in which it draws patterns from past home runs. For example, the firm has learned, as it told the New York Times in July, that successful entrepreneurs are more likely to create the spark again and that startups located far from the offices of their investors are more likely to succeed.
Traditionally, the venture business is highly driven by qualitative assessments, said Bill Maris, Google Ventures managing partner, recently at a conference. Were trying to also look quantitatively, and apply some data tools and metrics around some questions that make natural sense to us to try and look at.
A longtime venture capitalist, who declined to speak on the record, said pattern matching, when applied correctly, is designed to spot the rare talent that may hit it big, not promote sameness. It has nothing to do with race, he said.
Many of the top venture firms have said publicly that they use pattern matching to identify potentially successful startups. But when contacted by CNN, they were reluctant to talk about it. Spokespeople for several high-profile venture firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, did not return requests for comment on this story.
Ben Horowitz, who founded his venture firm with Marc Andreessen, wrote on his blog last year that he understands the value of pattern matching, which allows investors to recognize patterns of strategy and behavior that generally work, and patterns that generally fail, although he thinks it has limits.
Sequoia Capitals Michael Moritz has said that age is a factor his firm considers when deciding who to invest in.
New Venture Partners, a New Jersey-based firm with an office in Silicon Valley, uses pattern matching, said partner Daniel Deeney in an interview. But race is not a factor, he said, and several companies New Venture has invested in have black leaders. He said New Ventures investments tend to go into the telecom industry, where AT&T, Lucent and others have fostered corporate diversity programs that have fostered minority-led startups.
A racial divide with no clear explanation
Little research has been done on the topic of race in the tech industry. Some observers, including Ramsey, wonder whether the lack of racial diversity can be blamed on hiring practices at tech juggernauts such as Apple, Facebook and Google, none of which cooperated with a request by CNNMoney for employee diversity statistics.

Seasoned Web entrepreneur Hank Williams, left, talking with NewMe co-founder Angela Benton.

The tech industry is pretty clubby, said Hank Williams, an African-American entrepreneur in the NewMe program who had success in the Internet boom of the 1990s. There are really no people of color in Silicon Valley.
Others say the issue could be rooted deep within the black community. The NewMe co-founders said African-American families dont typically encourage business leaders or programmers to pursue interests in tech.
The African-American community is like, Oh, nobody is going to give you money to make a website, Sutton said. Its almost like stupid, or not cool.
Still others, like the founder of Kapor Capital, say risk-aversion within venture capital stifles changes in the demographics of entrepreneurs chosen to be financed.
African-American candidates are much more likely not to match the pattern, said Kapor, who hosted NewMes demo day at his office. To recognize the truth is to accept that the winners at the top did so through a rigged game.
His wife, Freada Kapor Klein, a longtime adviser to tech firms on racial diversity in employment, believes people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds can solve problems with technology that others cant because of perspectives learned during their upbringings. Firms that recognize this, she said, should have an edge on less open-minded rivals.

To ı church of eskort

Some of the greatest abuse stemming from the situation in Ferguson is not coming eskort from the hands of law enforcement officers but from the mouths of ministers who are exploiting this situation to  advance  their own agendas rather than bring healing to a community and nation torn apart by racial division.  
I’m not only ankara escort referring to pastoral provocateurs such as Al Sharpton who is spear-heading  an “Anti-Police Rally” this weekend or Jesse Jackson who has been roundly criticized for using the Ferguson chaos to raise funds for his church.   ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
White ministers throughout the country are also using the unrest in Ferguson to either score points with segments of their congregation by demonstrating how racially sensitive they are or to deal with their own angst over “white privilege.”
There is no greater service we can perform than to speak truth to people, regardless how unpopular or politically incorrect that truth is.
However, those of us who are pastors have a responsibility in situations like Ferguson to be place the needs of others above our own—and that means speaking God’s truth to those who are confused, hurt, and bitter.  Instead of being concerned about political correctness,  pastors  should be more concerned with being biblically correct.  
There is no greater service we can perform than to speak truth to people, regardless how unpopular or politically incorrect that truth is.  
I want to suggest two complementary principles from the pages of Scripture that pastors might consider  sharing with their congregations on Sunday if they feel compelled to address the Ferguson situation.
First, the Bible affirms that law enforcement officers are “ministers of God . . . an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil” (Romans 13:4).  
In that same verse the Apostle Paul also says that God has granted to such authorities the right to “bear the sword, ” referring to the taking of  a  life if necessary.    
Shouldn’t we be fearful of officers who wield that kind of power? Paul answers,  “For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil.  Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same” (Romans 13:3).  
Does that mean that police never commit acts of injustice?  Of course not.  
Even Paul himself was beaten, imprisoned, and ultimately executed unjustly by government authorities.  But the very real abuse perpetrated by a few police officers is the exception rather than the rule—which is why it makes headlines. 
While there are certainly some rogue officers (just like there are rogue pastors), the majority of policemen are overworked and underpaid servants of both their communities and of God.
Pastors should speak in such a way as to engender respect for, instead of mistrust of, law enforcement officials.
But pastors also need to address the reality of mistreatment in our world that may come from the hands of a law enforcement officer, an employer, a parent, or a mate.  
We do our congregations no favor when we give them the illusion that they can sail through life without ever being treated unjustly or hurt deeply.  
Perhaps Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson was unwarranted,  or maybe police officer Darren Wilson is the true victim.  We don’t know all the facts yet.  
But what we can say with certainty is that every one of us will at some time experience  injustice.  
Revenge never brings healing.  As someone said, “The problem with the ‘eye for an eye’ and ‘tooth for a tooth’ principle is that eventually everyone winds up blind and toothless.”   
The most powerful antidote for the inevitable offenses we will all experience at some time is forgiveness:  letting go of my desire to hurt someone for hurting me.    
Contrary to what some people believe, forgiveness is not surrendering our desire for justice but our desire for vengeance.  Forgiveness means allowing someone else to exact justice on our behalf.     
The true victims in Ferguson—whoever they are—can know that even if a jury fails to render a fair verdict, God will ultimately settle the score.    
Sharing these two biblical principles may be hurtful to some at first, but they are key to resolving the unrest over Ferguson. 
Pastors, as well as all believers, should remember that the truth of God’s Word is like a surgeon’s scalpel that has to wound before it can heal.      Dr. Robert Jeffress is a Fox News Contributor and pastor of the 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  His daily radio program “Pathway to Victory” is heard on 760 stations nationwide. He is the author of 20 books including, “How Can I Know: Answers to Lifes 7 Most Important Questions.”

nakliyat he charter bloom said

(CNN) — Justin Bieber is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest nakliyat without violence in connection with his January arrest in Miami Beach, a source with knowledge of the case told CNN.
The international pop star will also agree to take an anger management course, the source said.
Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez evden eve nakliyat said officers arrested Bieber January 23 after they saw him driving a yellow Lamborghini in a race against a red Ferrari in a residential area. The cars were speeding at about 55 to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, he said.
Police release revealing Bieber photos
Police said Bieber was argumentative during the arrest and failed a field sobriety test.
Police video of Bieber sobriety test
Bieber, 20, was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence and driving without a valid license.
Watch Justin Bieber get arrested
Bieber has had a number of run-ins with the law in recent months.
In July, a judge in Los Angeles ordered Bieber to pay $80,900 restitution for damaging his former neighbors mansion by throwing eggs.
The pop star accepted a plea deal to settle a vandalism charge that puts him on probation for two years. The probation will be supervised until he completes 12 weekly anger management sessions, works five days of community labor and pays the restitution.
In December, he was arrested on an assault charge in Canada, accused of hitting his limousine driver in Toronto.
In January, the Federal Aviation Administration looked into allegations that Bieber and other passengers on board a charter flight from Canada to New Jersey interfered with the flight crew, the agency said. In July, the FAA cleared them.
In February, police in Georgia searched Biebers limousine and found small amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. No charges were filed due to the small amount, police said.
Bieber, Malala talk online
Bieber v. Bloom: Feud fuels buzz

Luxuriously escort it also completely)

(CNN) — These days, no fashion house portfolio is complete without a hotel — or at the very least, a escort luxuriously designed suite.
Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld are the latest fashion icons to try their hands at hoteling, with Hilfiger recently purchasing Miamis The Raleigh Hotel and Lagerfeld set to open his first branded property in Macau (albeit not until eskort 2017).
They join the ranks of many of the fashion industrys most iconic members, including Bulgari, Armani, Versace, and — until recently — Missoni (the Hotel Missoni brand, alas, is calling it quits).
From a designers perspective, a hotel gives you complete latitude to bring their way of thinking to everything, from the draperies to the textures and colors, thats what you sign up for, says Nikhil Bhalla, vice president of equity research in lodging at FBR Capital Markets.
In many cases, a hotel acts as a sort of large-scale designer showroom. Armani Hotels, for instance, are outfitted with furnishings from Armani Home, ball gowns accentuate the décor at Milans Maison Moschino, and no suite at Bulgari Hotel is complete without the brands signature silver.
Diane Von Furstenberg debuted her interiors skills at The Claridges Hotel.
Hotels are a great way to showcase the design identity of a brand, and to project a lifestyle that goes beyond products, notes Silvio Ursini, the executive vice president of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.
Or, as Bhalla puts it, the handbag experience has extended itself into a lifestyle experience.
Hotel brands are just as eager to align themselves with a fashion brand (even if they dont hand over the reins completely). When theyre not tapping big-name designers to decorate their suites, hotels are conjuring up fashion-led experiences to entice customers, be it a Burberry trench coat-loan program or same-day delivery from Net-a-Porter.
The handbag experience has extended itself into a lifestyle experience.
Nikhil Bhalla, FBR Capital Markets
For the consumer, who probably already likes the brand, these experiences are an opportunity to experience it at a higher level; it helps them bond with brand a little bit more than they would have before, explains Bhalla.
It also offers the customers a consistency that they might not otherwise expect from a hotel room.
When a woman comes to us for a dress, she knows shes going to look gorgeous and glamorous — thats what we do. When she stays in our suite, shell know the same design levels went into making the space, notes James Mischka, half of the design label Badgley Mischka, which designed a 1,700-square foot suite at The Breakers Palm Beach.
Branding a hotel suite with a fashion label also helps it attain an extra level of exclusivity. Bulgari Hotels, for instance, mimics the exclusivity of its design brand by limiting its room count.
Theres always a scarcity value attached to these types of offerings, and at no point does a brand want to dilute that, explains Bhalla.
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Cup stadium that escort gdansk

Editors note: 25 years since Polands first partly free elections, CNNs On the Road series visits the country looking at escort how it has been transformed since the fall of communism while taking a deeper look at its customs and culture.
(CNN) — Much is made of the power of football: the way the beautiful game transcends cultural boundaries, knits together communities escort bayan and makes grown men cry.
But perhaps footballs greatest –and most little-known — achievement was its role in the downfall of communism in Europe.
When Polish team Lechia Gdansk faced off against Italian club Juventus in the 1983 UEFA Cup Winners Cup, Gdansks stadium was packed with Polish supporters. And, while the Italian side may have won the match (a respectable 3-2), the truest triumph belonged to Gdansk.
At the time, Poland was under martial law: soldiers patrolled the streets, the countrys borders were sealed and activists were imprisoned without charge. Defiance of communist rule was considered crushed. But here, in this stadium, something shifted.
Saving the Polish Sahara
While the Italian side may have won the match the truest triumph belonged to Gdansk

At half-time, the thousands-strong crowd began chanting the name of revolutionary Polish trade union Solidarity, which, in trying to activate social change, had been banned under martial law. Solidaritys leader, the charismatic Lech Walesa, stood, revered, among the unified crowd. Some years later, he would be president.
I remember the atmosphere, Jarzy Jastrzebowski, says the clubs trainer at the time. It was unforgettable.
He recalls how, at half-time, In the dressing room we heard all this noise and people were chanting Solidarity! (Then) we saw Lech Walesa getting up and raising his hand (to make) the famous Solidarity symbol.
That Gdansk would rally behind this revolution should come as no surprise: the Solidarity movement began in the citys shipyards. It was the birthplace of an organization that, according to Karol Nawrocki and Mariusz Kordek in their book, Lechia v Juventus – More Than a Game, 10 million people belonged to in the early 1980s. And, as the match showed, Gdansk was more than Solidaritys birthplace, it was its beating heart.
Rations, curfews, reduced civil liberties and a crumbling economy characterized Poland at this time. But, as Jastrzebowski puts it, This match gave us a lot. A new ideology and new freedom was born, because people couldnt express what they wanted to freely in the streets.
The stadium, the match, had become a refuge for protest. And it left no doubt that the ruling Communist government had failed to quash its opposition.
They didnt think Solidarity still had any life in it. But they were wrong.
Lech Walesa, solidarity co-founder
State television censored transmission of the game, showing it without sound following the half-time chants, worried the rest of the country would hear the dissension. But it was too late.
Walesa himself has summed up the power of that day, supposing the authorities had only allowed him to attend the match because they didnt think Solidarity still had any life in it. But they were wrong. That match gave us some strength for what would come next.
What came next was years of struggle that ended with the 1989 Round Table Agreement, in which Walesa played a seminal part. This paved the way for semi-free parliamentary elections in Poland, a Solidarity-led government, and inspired a wave of revolutions that brought down communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Come 1990, Walesa was in office as president.
Not many may know what a football match in Gdansk did for democracy in Europe, but Lechia Gdansk fans will never forget. Nor will the teams current goalkeeper, Mateusz Bak who was born the same year the match took place.
Still, in 2014, when you play a game here you can sometimes see a flag in the crowds with the Solidarity name on it, he says. Our fans remember the times because it happened here, you know? Everything happened here.
Send in your best shots from Poland
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escort bayan making already embroidery stitched

Every week, African Start-Up follows entrepreneurs in various countries across the continent to see how they are working to make escort bayan their business dreams become reality.
(CNN) — Making the jump from model to designer seemed like a natural choice for Hiwot Gashaw. Growing up in Ethiopias capital Addis Ababa, the young entrepreneur always had a passion for fashion, drawing clothes from escort an early age.
Thus, it was no big surprise when in 2012, having already worked as a professional fashion model and after graduating from a top design school, Gashaw took to making her own clothes with the launch of her label, Abugida Fashion.
Fusing traditional Ethiopian designs with contemporary Western style, Abugida produces and sells a collection of clothes ranging from womens dresses and scarves to mens designer jackets and childrens clothing.
Abugida means learning something new, says Gashaw, who started her brand at the age of 22, and with fashion I learn something new every day.
Ethiopian fashion designer Hiwot Gashaw. CNN
Ethiopian garments are often created from woolen materials and theyre usually traditionally hand stitched. Gashaw, who is involved in the entire process, from designing the outfits to adding the final embroidery details, has continued to use this trend in her intricate creations.
What makes my clothes unique is [that] you can wear them anytime, says Gashaw. Also, I design and sew them myself, giving them a personal touch.
Read this: Luxury shoes put sparkle in your step
What makes my clothes unique is [that] you can wear them anytime.
Hiwot Gashaw, Abugida Fashion
Based on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, the company has six full-time workers — former street girls and elderly beggars, who have all been trained by Gashaw herself.
I work with these women who used to be in the streets, says the young designer. But now I trained them, they work with me and they are able to support themselves.
Gashaw cites expensive machinery and tracing raw materials as the main challenges for her startup but says that she will continue using fashion to change the lives of women in her community. Ambitious and determined, the talented designer has high hopes for her brand.
I want Abugida Fashion to become a brand like Gucci and to be known all over the world, she says.
Click through the gallery above to see some of Gashaws creations and check out the video below to find out more about Abugida Fashion.

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Czech of child porn minimalist complexity

(CNN) — When origami enthusiast Uyen Nguyen discusses her art, you quickly understand that it is about a lot more child porn than folding paper.
In many ways it has been therapeutic, she says. I find the process of folding paper to be almost meditative.
Origami can be used to create incredibly realistic forms, not just to the likeness of say, an insect, but down to the exact species of that particular insect with proportions of its body segment true to real life. At the other end of the spectrum, you can mold paper to create the most abstract of forms beautiful because of their inherent structure instead of their likeness to real life forms. As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Worldwide movement
Now Nguyen is bringing her passion to the people of New York City.
As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
For the exhibition Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, which will take place at New Yorks Cooper Union from June 19 to July 4, Nguyen has gathered more than 130 works from 88 artists around the world.
The exhibition includes adorable rabbits folded by Malaysian origamist Ng Boon Choon, and a realistic rendering of a field mouse by American Bernie Peyton.
But it also includes St. Michael — The Archangel, a more ominous work by Vietnamese origamist Tran Trung Hieu. It shows a winged angel carrying a sword.
The exhibition marks the 55th anniversary of the 1959 exhibition Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures — the first origami exhibition held in the United States, which also took place inside Cooper Union.
So far Nguyen has raised more than $24,000 of the $32,000 she needs to cover the cost of shipping the works, organizing security and building display cases.
Origami can also be used to make avant-garde fashion creations, such as this one by Czech designer Hana Coufalova.Courtesy Christopher Bierlein.
Collectively the works demonstrate how origami artists are pushing the boundaries of technique and style.
Transcending language barriers
In the 1950s, Japanese organist Akira Yoshizawa helped popularize the art by creating a universal system of diagramming, which involved arrows and illustrations rather than words. His book allowed people across the world to learn the craft and to easily construct pre-existing designs.
But today artists have moved beyond that, with many using software that helps them dream up and then fold their elaborate works.
In many ways it has been therapeutic. I find the process of folding paper to be almost meditative.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
Most origami involves folding one sheet of paper into some final form, Nguyen says.
Modular origami uses multiple sheets of paper, folded into identical units, and takes these units and interlocks them, without cuts or adhesive, to obtain a final form that is usually very angular and representative of geometric solids. A couple of my designs add embellishments onto the surfaces of these polyhedra.
Regional variations in the art are becoming smaller and smaller as more people learn about origami via the Internet.
However, Nguyen says that she observed a few patterns among artists while curating her exhibition.
Vietnamese artists tend to be masters of wet folding, which creates soft, gentle bends rather than sharp creases.
Their styles can be somewhat minimalist, and there is so much beauty in their simplicity, she says. The Japanese tend to be more calculated and precise with their folding, which can allow for a huge amount of detail and complexity. I think the European style of origami lies somewhere between these two extremes.
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Semifinal france brazil a the escort bayan

Tune in to Amanpour. on CNN International TV at 2 p.m. Eastern Time to see the full interview.
(CNN)escort bayan Never in her worst nightmares did Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff imagine such a crushing soccer defeat, she told CNNs Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.
My nightmares never got so bad, Christiane, she said through an interpreter. They never went that far. As a supporter, of course, I am deeply sorry because I share the same sorrow of all supporters. But I also know that we are a country that has one very peculiar feature. We rise to the challenge in the face of adversity. We are able to overcome.
Brazil, she said, will recover from this extremely painful situation.
Being able to overcome defeat I think is the feature and hallmark of a major national team and of a great country.
Watch Rousseff in Portuguese
A Brazil fan reacts after his team was crushed 7-1 by Germany in a World Cup semifinal match played Tuesday, July 8, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The emotions in the country were reminiscent of 1950, when Brazil last hosted the World Cup and suffered a heartbreaking defeat.
A Brazil fan cries after the match in Belo Horizonte.
A fan wipes another fans tears in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A dejected Brazil fan looks on during the match.
Brazil fans in Rio de Janeiro appear devastated as they watch a live telecast of the match.
Brazils Bernard wipes his face during the match.
A Brazil fan watches the match in Rio de Janeiro.
A Brazil soccer fan cries as she watches the match in Belo Horizonte.
Brazil fans look dejected at the stadium.
A Brazil fan looks on in the first half.
Fans of Brazil react while watching the match at Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro.
A Brazil fan covers up in Rio de Janeiro.
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
World Cup ghosts return to haunt Brazil
Brazil 1-7 Germany (2014): A whole nation expected its team to at least reach the final on home soil … but suffered the ultimate humiliation. Brazil, seeking a record-extending sixth World Cup crown, was swept asunder by a rampant Germany team which scored four goals in a mere six minutes to lead 5-0 before the half-hour mark of this totally one-sided semifinal. Oscar got a goal back but it was very much a case of too little too late. It was Brazils worst World Cup defeat, surpassing 1998s 3-0 final setback against France.
Brazil 1-2 Uruguay (1950): Its not the first time Brazil has suffered such disappointment hosting footballs biggest tournament. Brazilian novelist Nelson Rodrigues wrote: Our catastrophe, our Hiroshima was the defeat by Uruguay in 1950. While perhaps overstating things, it was a huge shock. In a round-robin format World Cup, Brazil took a 1-0 lead in the deciding match and appeared to be cruising to victory only to lose and leave a nation in mourning.
USA 1-0 England (1950): That same tournament — in the same city where Germany hammered Brazil 64 years later — a star-studded England team was expected to sweep aside an American lineup of mailmen and school teachers. Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian who was later thought to have been killed by Francois Papa Doc Duvaliers death squad, scored the only goal to stun the football world.
West Germany 3-2 Hungary (1954): A Hungarian side led by Ferenc Puskas had trounced the Germans 8-3 in the group stage and so dominant were the Mighty Magyars 60 years ago they were expected to do the same in the final. But in the Miracle in Bern a team made up of amateurs from post-war-torn West Germany pulled off a monumental shock.
Austria 7-5 Switzerland (1954): The result was not a shock in the sense of the outcome of this quarterfinal match, but merely in the scoreline. A record 12 goals were scored, including a hat-trick by Swiss forward Josef Hugi, to exceed the 11 scored by Brazil and Poland in 1938s 6-5 result.
North Korea 1-0 Italy (1966): North Koreas players were almost denied visas to compete at the 1966 World Cup, but they stunned Italy 1-0 with a goal from Pak Doo Ik and made it all the way to the quarterfinals. Dubbed The Mystery Men by the British media, due to the communist nations secretive policies, the teams unlikely exploits were later turned into a documentary called The Game of Our Lives.
Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire (1974): Its the record winning margin in World Cup history, matching Hungarys scoreline over South Korea 20 years earlier. The Zaire players nearly did not take to the pitch after being told they would not be paid before then being threatened by the secret service of ruler Mobutu Sese Seko. Once on the pitch, a rout ensued.
Hungary scored 10 goals against El Salvador in 1982, but the Central American side did manage a consolation in reply.
Argentina 0-1 Cameroon (1990): Argentina was defending champion and, inspired by Diego Maradona in midfield, was expected on the opening day of the tournament to ease past a team which had drawn all three previous matches on its only other World Cup appearance. But Cameroon pulled off a remarkable shock as forward Francois Omam-Biyick headed the only goal in Milan, while two of his teammates were sent off.
France 0-1 Senegal (2002): Much like Argentina in 1990, defending champion France got off to the worst possible start as the tournaments opening match ended in a shock defeat. It was the beginning of the end for Les Bleus. Awash with in-fighting, they bowed out after the group stage having not scored a single goal.
United States 1-2 Iran (1998): Relations between the two nations were frayed and it was a contest billed as a global grudge match. The U.S. was hardly a footballing powerhouse but was expected to make light work of Iran — which had never won a World Cup game, and has not done so since. It sparked a million people to take to the streets of the capital Tehran in celebration.
South Korea 2-1 Italy (2002): Co-host South Korea was not heavily fancied to do anything of note but, under the guidance of Dutch coach Guus Hiddink, made it to the semifinals by beating Spain in a penalty shootout. But its biggest achievement was in the previous round, knocking out Italy — three times a World Cup champion, with another title to follow in 2006. Ahn Jung-Hwan sparked rapture in the stands with his golden goal — but his contract was promptly canceled by Italian Serie A side Perugia, where he was on loan.
Australia 31-0 American Samoa (2001): Ok, so this wasnt at the World Cup but it was a qualifying match for the 2002 tournament. Australia, playing at home, was expected to win with ease — but not quite this easily. American Samoa goalkeeper Nicky Salapu was forced to retrieve the ball from the back of his own net a record 31 times, with Archie Thompson netting an unprecedented 13 goals.
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
The World Cups greatest shocks
Brazil fan: 7-1 is unbelievable!
Watch Rousseffs interview in Portuguese
Tuesdays semi-final match against Germany was always going to be a tough challenge for the home side, but no one predicted the 7-1 thrashing that sent rival Germany to the finals.
We came into this match without two of our main players, Neymar, a major attacker, and our captain, Thiago Silva.
Brazils World Cup performance is important to Rousseff not only as a matter of national pride, but as a matter of politics.
If we had won, one Brazilian told CNNs Isa Soares, the people would have forgotten all the money spent; at least now the realities are back in focus.
The country saw widespread anger and protests against what many viewed as excessive spending on stadiums and infrastructure for the World Cup.
Rousseff, who is bidding for re-election this October, put a big emphasis on the World Cup as a chance for Brazil to prove itself on the world stage.
One has to bear in mind that from all different aspects, the fact is that Brazil has organized and staged a World Cup, which I do believe is one of the worlds best World Cups. And that is largely due to the Brazilian peoples ability to offer and extend hospitality and welcome supporters from all over the world.
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Survival soon streamed escort bayan aereo

(CNN) — Aereo, the embattled startup that captured shows from the broadcast airwaves and let users stream them digitally to escort bayan their computers, smartphones or tablets, is essentially dead after a Supreme Court ruling Wednesday.
The court, in a 6-3 vote, ruled escort bayan that the service violated copyright laws, even though it was using miniature TV antennas to access publicly broadcast signals from escort bayan local TV stations. The startup has said there was no Plan B for its survival if the court ruled against escort bayan them.
The owners of ABC, Fox, NBC, Univision and other broadcasters had filed suit against Aereo. (Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, was not a plaintiff in the case, but did support the broadcasters.)
Aereo started in the New York City metropolitan area and is now online in New York and 10 other U.S. markets. It charges $8 a month and has never revealed how many users it has.
So, now, the question becomes: What will Aereos users do instead?
Presuming that Aereo does, in fact, cease service as it now exists, there are other options out there for folks still unwilling to fork over the money for cable TV. From apps to Web-streaming hardware, products exist with which millions have already cut the cord.
But, as with much of life, there are upsides and downsides to this approach.
Heres a look at whats out there, what people like about it and what cable still has that the Web cant duplicate.
Why do we binge-watch TV?
Amazon takes aim at Roku and Apple TV
Streaming hardware
In the past few years, the market has been flooded with devices that can stream Web content to your television.
Startups with dedicated devices, like Roku, soon were joined by some of techs major players. Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung all have streaming devices with varying capabilities, and all the major video game consoles can be used to do so as well.
Once a techie luxury, devices like Googles Chromecast or a low-end Roku can now be had for as little as $35-40. Thats come in handy for folks looking for alternatives to traditional television because …
Apps are everywhere
Ask people who dont have cable or a satellite dish what they use to watch television and a short list of apps are mentioned again and again: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.
Streaming accounts for each offer TV shows and movies. Hulu focuses on new TV episodes (or, at least, newer … more on that later) while Amazon and Netflix are mostly movies and previous seasons of popular shows.
For some, thats enough to substitute for the full array that cable offers. Especially when paired with …
Rabbit ears!
A growing number of products can stream Web content onto users televisions. Here is our look at some of the markets top devices.
The latest entry in an increasingly crowded Web-streaming market, Amazons Fire TV lets the user search content with their voice.
The Apple TV box can stream content from iTunes, which is a bonus if youre a heavy Apple user.
At $35, Googles Chromecast is the least expensive streaming device and maybe the easiest to use.
As a gaming console, the PS4 obviously has other uses. But it streams video from some key apps — and offers a Blu-ray player.
With more than 1,000 channels, the Roku 3 may offer the widest selection of any streaming device.
At $50, the Streaming Stick offers the same wealth of content as the Roku 3, although its a bit slower from time to time.
This $150 media player replaces the users cable box and offers content from more than 100 apps (but not Hulu).
Microsofts Xbox One console can play live television as well as streamed video from Netflix and other top apps.
Top Web streaming devices
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Google Chromecast
Top Web streaming devices
Roku 3
Roku Streaming Stick
Samsung Smart Media Player
Xbox One
Top Web streaming devices
OK, so maybe the antenna youd go out and buy today wouldnt bear much of a resemblance to the twin-pronged, set-top gadgetry many of us remember from our childhoods (tinfoil wrapped round the tips optional).
But with a digital antenna, you get the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox), PBS and other local stations in a lot better quality than you used to get. Put that together with the streaming options and youre starting to build yourself back up. However …
The drawbacks
Despite all the digital options, there are some things that you just cant replace when you pull the plug on cable. If you fall back on watching only broadcast networks, for example, your picture quality may suffer.
Also, none of the above-mentioned apps stream TV shows as they are airing. On Hulu, many shows arent available until 24 hours after they air. In the age of plot spoilers online and on social media, thats risky. And it gets worse.
Fox and ABC have chosen to wait eight days before letting non-subscribers watch new shows.
Its even tougher to keep up with your premium cable favorites. HBO made news in April by announcing it would make some old shows like The Sopranos and The Wire available on Amazon. But a three-year delay means Girls or Game of Thrones fans are still out of luck. As are those fans hoping to watch …
The big game
Ask non-cable subscribers about the holes in their new TV setup and many bring up live sports. While many cable networks stream via their websites and mobile apps, most, like WatchESPN, require a cable subscription to access them.
If you enjoy hitting your local sports bar, this may not be such a big deal. If youre more inclined to kick back and watch sports at home (particularly if you follow a team outside the city where you live) its tough.
In the end, the cable-vs.-digital debate appears set to continue for a while, much like many other situations in which emerging technology has collided awkwardly with entrenched institutions.
But, for better or for worse, the Supreme Court on Wednesday didnt help the digital sides cause.

cnnfc ac rus escort been netting deal

Follow us at #Inzaghi has been appointed as first team coach until June 2016— AC Milan (@acmilan) June 9, rus escort 2014
Inzaghi has long been linked with the job following his impressive work with the clubs youth team.
Tweets by @CNNFC
AC Milan escort bayan wishes to communicate that coach Clarence Seedorf has been sacked, and the first team has been entrusted to Pippo Inzaghi bayan eskortlar until June 30, 2016, said a Milan statement.
Seedorf only arrived in January after replacing Massimiliano Allegri, but was unable to elit eskort resuscitate Milans flickering European hopes.
Since retiring in 2012, Inzaghi has worked with the clubs Under-19 side and achieved success by winning the Torneo di Viareggio trophy for the first time in 10 years.
He holds legendary status at Milan following his goalscoring exploits — 126 goals in 300 appearances.
He remains the clubs most successful striker in European competition with 43 goals to his name, 70 in total following his time with Juventus
Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson once joked that Inzaghi must have been born offside, testament to the Italians predatory instincts in front of goal.
After arriving at Milan in 2001 following a move from Turin, Inzaghi won the 2003 Champions League and helped the Rossoneri repeat the triumph four years later by scoring both goals in the 2-1 win over Liverpool.
He started his playing career at Piacenza before going on to win two Serie A titles with Milan in 2004 and 2011 to add to his success with Juventus in 1998.
Inzaghi, who scored 25 goals in 57 appearances for Italy, retired in 2012, netting the winner on his final club appearance against Novara.
Beaten in the second round of the European Champions League by Atletico Madrid last season, Milan has already begun preparations for next season, signing Paris Saint-Germain defender Alex last week on a two-year deal.
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İs real ıt escort bayan nice

Editors note: Technology journalist Stuart Miles is CEO and founder of gadget review website Pocket-lint. He can be found tweeting escort bayan at @stuartmiles.
London (CNN) — Londons inaugural Technology Week is underway, as the United Kingdoms capital promotes its tech stars and escort shows it can compete with Silicon Valley. Here are five companies to watch, as they pitch to make it big.
Squawka bayan escort
Big data is a huge topic at London Technology Week, with focus on how we can use it to empower bayan escort ankara us. One company taking that big data memo and maximizing it is Squawka. Its a real-time football data company that is already delivering tons of data on football matches every week, allowing its users to become champions in their Fantasy Football leagues. But the bigger picture is all about empowering clubs, coaches, and pundits to understand what is happening with the real game.

The future of smartwatches

The number one third-party keyboard app for Android phones, Swiftkey is a must-have for the OS. Starting in London, and then setting up offices in San Francisco, the app has just gone free on the Google platform. If that wasnt enough to encourage growth, the company also announced it will launch an iOS version for iOS 8 now that Apple has said they will allow it. Thats another potential 500 million customers overnight. Nice.

Googles new car: No driver, no brakes


Study: Google brand leapfrogs Apple

Chances are you might not have heard about Seene, but earlier this year the company won the Smart UK award for UKs Most Innovative Mobile Company. It creates 3D imaging on the iPhone by just using the phone processing. Imagine women being able to take a picture of a dress they like and send it to others to look at in 3D — or 360 degree images to share. With the 3D imaging space heating up, this is certainly one to watch.
Damson Audio
Audio companies are getting forgotten these days, as more of us turn to music on the go via our phones. Damson Audio is trying to change that, with speaker systems that use the environment around you to boost the sound. Its an adventurous project and one that is already getting traction. In 2012 it won best start-up from the UK Trade & Investment department.
The company deals with augmented reality and, in particular, augmented reality advertising. It now has offices in London, New York and beyond. It describes itself as a lens through which the real world can be spontaneously unlocked and converted into content-rich, interactive experiences and its already having huge success with that vision. Clients include Budweiser, Heinz, and Nissan.
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